Aboriginal lands, knowledge and cultures have long been and continue to be under attack. As stewards of your land and guardians of your knowledge and culture, you may need to use the law to defend and protect your community. At White Raven Law, we offer our legal expertise and knowledge to support your effort to preserve and protect your land, your culture and your aboriginal rights and title.

Aboriginal Rights and Title Litigation

White Raven Law has assembled and developed a team of exceptional individuals with the requisite expertise to research, prepare and sustain complex litigation and negotiations with and for First Nations. In our litigation, we plan for the future and utilize leading-edge technology to build resource collections and "boxes of knowledge" that client communities can draw upon - now and in the future. This joint development is a value-added outcome of the litigation.

Natural Resources and Environmental Law

White Raven Law shares First Nations' commitment to stewardship of our environment. We commit our firm to providing innovative and cost-effective advocacy, planning and policy development in all aspects of natural resource management and protection. We have the skills and experience to represent First Nations in a variety of legal settings and can also assemble special teams for complex challenges. We recognize that First Nations wish to take a leading role in managing resources in their territory and can provide practical advice to support their goals.

Cultural Heritage Law

Cultural heritage is the tangible and intangible expression of First Nations' cultures, such as oral histories and traditions, art, songs, dances, traditional medicinal and ecological knowledge, language, ceremonies and practices. We bring more than 30 years of active participation in preserving and perpetuating these traditions to our legal practice in this area. We offer this unique combination of cultural knowledge and legal expertise to assist Aboriginal communities in protecting this rich legacy from exploitation.

Specific Claims

Resolving outstanding specific claims not only provides access to land and resources, but also supports aboriginal communities in achieving self-sufficiency. White Raven Law's legal and professional research teams offer your Nation expert support in preparing and submitting thoroughly researched claim packages that reflect your community's unique claim. We can also provide assistance in shepherding claims through all stages of the process.